Delmar Direct Marketing

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Introduced to the Fresh Exports Industry in 1996 as Marketing Co-ordinator for Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, Middle East and North America at Outspan, Marius Deyzel was soon head hunted to Co-start Dole South Africa just after De-regulation in 1998 and was fortunate to not only build relationships with clients such as MA Sharbatly & Fresh Fruits Company, but also obtained invaluable exposure to procurement, quality assurance and market dynamics on a global scale, right from the offset of his career.

We started Mardell Agencies (Pty) Ltd in 2002, re-branded in 2008 and still trading as Delmar Direct Marketing, with a strategic representation platform in sight to represent large AA rated clients in specific markets and large producer concerns. Direct Fruit Marketing &  Mitsubishi Corp was added to the MA Sharbatly and FFC representations in Southern Africa, sourcing and shipping fresh products such as Baby Pine Apples, Stone Fruits, Apples and Pears, Grapes, Avocados, Mango's and Citrus from all production regions in Southern Africa via air and sea.

In latter years consultation was added to the portfolio such as to San Miguel South Africa. 

Current representation focuses on a new relevant client base with unique value chain solutions, a Dutch fresh produce Foundation and a large well know citrus and subtropical grower owned platfrom,  yet still maintaining my network of clients in USA , Canada, EU, UK, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Big emphasis is placed on sourcing and procurement on behalf of our strategic client & producer partnerships, to narrow the value chain as direct as possible between client and the source. 

New perspectives opens new strategies, commodities and market places which are selectively introduced such as agricultural equipment, wine, meat, fruit juices, dried fruits, oil,  & coffee (and other FMCG products) for export, farm sales, new technologies developed and agricultural financing and imports into South Africa of fresh items. Global Sourcing includes not only fresh goods from Egypt, India, Morocco, Serbia, Poland, New Zealand and some South American countries, but also rendering select services & support to large global agricultural entities in Ghana, Sudan and Zambia. 

It is our mission to diversify, adapt and optimize the opportunities for ourselves and network partners alike.


Our company consists of a friendly and highly skilled and talented team of experts. 

We perform our work in the most efficient way using the highest standards and best techniques.